“A room without books
is like a body without a soul.”

Mein Zwilling and the Goretzka to my Meyer


For Emma.

TMI AU: Jace and Tobias Meet

Tobias raised the gun. “Who the hell are you?”
The boy clad in black with tawny eyes stared at him, “Who the hell am I?” He snorts. “Someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.”
The boy was wearing all black clothes, he must be Dauntless, but Tobias knew all the Dauntless and his face was as new to him as Tris’s tattoos.
“Who are you?” Tobias said again but more tightly this time, his finger caressed the trigger with ease. The tawny eyed boy rolled his eyes and said, “The name’s Jace. Now, have you seen a small girl with a bad temper?”
Tobias stared, “Short, fair skinned with a temper and doesn’t do what she’s told? Yeah I know a girl.”
Jace walked up to him in a second, his chest touched Tobias’s gun but the Jace didn’t seen to mind. “Where is she?” he demanded.
Tobias shrugged before his arms fell at his sides. “I’m looking for the same girl with those very qualities.”
Jace raised an eyebrow, “But I assume we are talking of different girls here, right? Same temperaments but different people?”
Tobias nodded, “Yes.” Jace nodded before he smirked. “What does your girl look like?”
“Blonde, blue-eyes with a gun at her back. Yours?”
“Redhead, green-eyes with a smartmouth to match.”
“But you love that smartmouth.”
“And you gave her that gun.”
The two boys stared at each other with good measure, trying to stare the other down, but somehow they both saw it was futile. Because at that moment they both realized no one could be more like the other.

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